📅 Before You Book

Are YourMovers Insured?

YourMovers are 100% licensed and Insured to protect our customers. We carry general commercial liability insurance as well as other relevant policies related to our business. also offers a limited reimbursement for items damaged during moving and transit, the policy for which is explained in Section 8 of our Terms of Service and on our Claims page. You may be offered further insurance protection offers on the day of your move such as Full Value Replacement. To learn more about moving industry insurance vs valuation by US DOT click here.

What services do you offer?

We offer On-Dmand booking for local moves, as well as labor only moves and deliveries. We can also arrange services like long distance moving. piano moves, safe moves, packing services, and commercial moves upon request! Visit our Services page to learn more about all of the services we provide.

Does YourMovers Do Long Distance Moves?

Yes. YourMovers can build a personalized moving plan to fit your needs and schedule. For help booking a long-distance move, give us a call at (866) 330-6350.

WHat if one of My locations is outside YourMovers Service Area?

An awesome way to do a long distance move the do-it-yourself way is to have YourMovers load a truck for you using our labor only moving services!

Do you provide Trucks and Moving EQUIPMENT?

On any full service move we provide 26’ Box Trucks loaded with dollies, pads, tape and plastic wrap. The truck also comes loaded with door frame protection to make sure your home is protected with all the bustle of moving day! On every truck we also include a standard tool set to disassemble and assemble most items! For labor only moves no equipment is provided unless upon request.

What Size are your Trucks?

All of our tucks are 26’ Box Trucks. If you would like different sized trucks we may be able to provide this upon request!

What If I rent my own truck?

Renting your own truck is a great do-it-yourself alternative to full service moving! YourMovers can load and unload any truck for you using our labor only moving!

Can YourMovers Pack for me?

Absolutely, check out our packing packages or use our individual packing rates of $5.00 per box packed.

Can YourMovers DISASSEMBLE and Assemble Furniture for me?

YourMovers can not guarantee the disassembly of all items, but can take apart most common house hold items with no problem! You may need to help instruct the movers if you know how the piece is properly disassembled.

What Can’t You Move?

YourMovers can move most items up to 150 lbs per mover. Click here to see a list of non-allowables.

💳 Booking and payment

How much notice does YourMovers need to schedule a move?

The moving-industry standard for minimum notice is five days, but if we have availability, YourMovers can schedule moves with as little as one day's notice. If you need to move today or tomorrow, contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your last-minute needs.

How can I estimate the amount of Movers and time I will need for my move?

Our online booking process will start you off with a recommended labor calculation based on the size of your property and your location. However, we understand that every move is different. To ensure that your movers are available for the duration of your move, booking an adequate amount of time is encouraged. For help estimating your move, give us a call at (866) 330-6350.

Will I pay for the travel time between locations?

Travel time between locations is considered billable during your move, so please be sure to consider that when scheduling.

Can I adjust my move duration or number of Movers after I’ve made my reservation?

Yes. To adjust the number of movers or hours you’ve reserved, give us a call at (866) 330-6350.

What if I overestimate the amount of labor I need?

Our pay-as-you-go structure enables you to build a moving plan without having to worry about overbooking. If your move extends beyond the minimum, then you will only pay for the time it requires, which we calculate in 30-minute increments based on your hourly rate.

How does “pay as you go” work?

Your estimate will be calculated based on the amount of time you reserve. If your move gets completed earlier than the minimum, then you will only pay the minimum amount. Should your move extend beyond the minimum, then you will only pay for the duration your move requires, which we calculate in 30-minute increments based on your hourly rate.

What if I’m only moving part of my house?

For a more accurate estimate, select the number of bedrooms closest to the amount you’re moving.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, so you don’t have to worry about having cash on move day. You will not be charged until your move has been completed and you’ve had a chance to verify the hours. If you would like to pay with cash or check please let us know and we can accommodate this as well.

How do I take advantage of a discount code?

When making a reservation online, you can enter your coupon code on the information screen right before you place your reservation. It should say “Promo-Code.” We are only able to honor one discount per order.

What if I need to cancel my move?

You can cancel your reservation for free provided you cancel at least one day prior to your move. This means if your move is on a Wednesday, you must cancel by the close of business (8 p.m. ET) on Tuesday. For reservations canceled on the day of your move or the day before your move, you will be charged for one hour of service based on the rate you reserved.

What if I need to reschedule my move?

You may reschedule your move at any time. Reservations rescheduled fewer than one days before your move date will incur a flat fee of $50. If you need to reschedule on the day of or day before your move, we’ll do everything we can to make it happen but can't guarantee we’ll have the resources available. In the event that your move cannot be performed, you will be charged a cancellation fee based on the rate you reserved.

When do I pay for my move?

You will not be charged until your move has been completed and you’ve had a chance to verify the hours.

💪 What to expect on move day

So how exactly does move day work?

The moment you book a moving service, we get to work matching you with a team of hardworking movers. On the big day, your Lead mover will call to let you know your team is on the way. Each mover will arrive in his/her personal vehicle. If you have selected services that include a truck, a professional driver will be included. Once your team has arrived, they’ll conduct a brief walk-through, take note of any special instructions you may have, and then get to work. If you have selected a full service move, movers will pad and wrap your furniture and protect your door ways with door frame protection.

Can I call my Movers directly on move day?

Your Lead mover has your phone number and will contact you directly on move day. If you need to initiate contact, please do so by calling (866) 330-6350.

Can I help on move day?

For your safety, YourMovers prohibits customers from actively participating in the moving process. Our insurance prohibits us from allowing customers onto truck ramps, lift gates, or inside of the truck. YourMovers cannot be responsible for injuries or damages that occur to, or on behalf of, a customer’s or non-customer’s actions.

What if my move runs longer than expected?

To ensure that your movers are available for the duration of your move, booking adequate time is encouraged. If your move runs long, you’ll continue to be charged in 30-minute increments based on the hourly rate provided in your estimate.

What about pets on move day?

Some of our movers are allergic to certain pets, so regardless of whether your pets will be present on move day, we like to make the movers aware of this. We encourage you to find a pet-sitter for move day or reserve a closed room in the home where they can stay undisturbed.

✅ When your move is complete

How do I tip and what’s a standard amount?

The easiest way to tip your your movers is when taking payment over the credit card. Standard tipping amounts range from 5 percent to 20 percent of your total, per mover.

What do I do if something was damaged during my move?

We strive to take care of you throughout every stage of your move. In the unfortunate event that something gets damaged or lost in the process, it is our policy to make sure we address the situation and resolve it in a fair and timely manner. If you believe YourMovers is responsible for damages or missing items, please contact os by e-mailing move@bookyourmovers.com. Soon after, you will receive a link to our Damage Claim form and have 5 business days from the date of your move to file your claim. Please keep all damaged items until the claims process has been resolved.