4 steps to prepare for Moving Day

  1. Download our Moving Checklist

  2. Download our List of Prohibited Items

  3. Take any Fragile or Delicate Items Before Your Movers Arrive

  4. Follow our Guide Below


The YourMovers Guide to getting Move ready.

Being prepared when YourMovers arrive helps your movers work as efficiently as possible. Being ready to go is the easiest way to save time and money on your move! To help, we’ve gathered the most helpful tips from over 100+ moves to get you ready for move day,

  1. Getting Started

    ✅ Find the Right Movers

    ☐ Start by packing items you will not need anytime soon, Like off-season clothes.

    ☐ Prep big items, such as unplugging appliances

    ☐ Set aside a box with toiletries, and clothes for moving day. Don’T forget to include a phone charger!

2. Pack Like a Pro-Mover

☐ Empty all drawers and cabinets to make things easier to move on moving day

☐ Make sure items are sealed with packing tape and marked for their final destination (and the term “fragile” when appropriate).

☐ Place paper plates between your plates when packing. Pillows and blankets are also good for packing fragile items.

3. Prep Your Large Items

☐ Take clothes out of clothing drawers. This will make your items easier to move, and will save you time reorganizing items after your move.

☐ Tape up any drawers that may open when moved

☐ Disassemble furniture that will be too large to fit through doorways, down staircases, or inside elevators.

Note: YourMovers cannot connect or disconnect any appliances such as washer, dryers, and refridgerators.

4. Prep Appliances and Electronics

☐ Disconnect and Drain all Appliances

☐ TAke note of how your electronics were ARRANGED when you unplug them to make it easier to set back up.

☐ Empty your refrigerator and freezer, and then wipe everything dry. Keep the doors open overnight, witH a towel underneath to contain any dripping.

☐ Unboxed electronics, such as televisions and computer monitors, are vulnerable to damage. If you have the original TV boxes it is best to pack them this way.

Note: If electronics are not in boxes on the day of your move, we may not be able to move them.